MAQMediaGroup News CCUSA boosts Tape Ball cricket worldwide

CCUSA boosts Tape Ball cricket worldwide

MARGATE/FL – USA: Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) is moving unto new frontiers as the cricket body is now giving a major boost to tape ball cricket around the world.

CCUSA is now supporting tape ball cricket in Pakistan to start with and then will move on to other countries in a bid to spread the ‘street sport’.

CCUSA has sanctioned and will support the next major tournament that takes place in Karachi hosted by KTPL under the umbrella of CCUSA. Badar Expo Solutions, the Pakistan Tape Ball Foundation (PTBF) and the committee of Karachi Tape Ball Premier League (KTPL) is collaborating with CCUSA to promote the format and uplift Tape Ball Cricket globally, 

CCUSA is delighted to have on board Pakistan Tape Ball Foundation (PTBF) as Pakistan is the inventor, custodian and guardian of this unique and unparalleled form of street sport, this collaboration will now take this sport to new frontiers.

CCUSA plans to spearhead an effort that is expected to make tape ball cricket a worldwide sport.

CCUSA will also take it to America and the West Indies for starters and look to push leagues there that can see the sport become popular in the west as it has in the east.

As the game continues to take pride of place in Pakistan CCUSA chairman Mahammad Qureshi says: “Best of luck to Pakistan Tape Ball Foundation (PTBF) and its Chairman Mr. Zohair Naseer and special thanks to Mr.Sabir Qureshi for  this wonderful effort and hard work.

“We will make this format very popular, we are now investing in this and we will be using our administrative power to take this game to the world.”

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