Cricketerbook becomes powerful marketing tool

Cricketerbook the social media site for cricketers, fans and cricket lovers has now become a powerful marketing tool for all interested, as it has taken the social media arena by storm.

Owned and operated by Maq Media Group, the site has been doing very well in terms of communicating people across the globe. At present Cricketerbook has 20 million viewership and it is here that people come to interact with anything concerning cricket. You simply go to and join as a member. When you do this you become part of the 20 million-member family and now you can interact and promote yourself.

This site is very popular among cricketers so here is an opportunity for young people to pick their brains, to find out what made them successful and you in turn can be on the right part to becoming a success. Also when you post your videos and other information about your cricket, you can be recognised by a number of talent scouts. This is a site for cricket, so it he here that opportunities in cricket can come to you. So far many people who have come to the United States to play at the US Open T20 have communicated their skill sets on and they have been snapped up by team owners. Cricketerbook more than any other social site gives you a direct lead into cricket and all the happenings that are going on around the beautiful game.

Speaking on the success of cricketerbook, CEO Mahammad Qureshi is happy with the results :”In a very short time we have done fantastic in terms of the interactions on the site. Our site manager Muhammad Omair Sheikh has done a wonderful job in promoting it and he is reporting that it is growing by leaps and bounds by the hour. This is another wonderful step in the marketing of cricket which as you know still comes in second after soccer. However, sites like these will only serve the broaden the reach and bring more people into the game.”

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